Managing social media accounts can be time consuming.


Good thing our team of experts at The Method get the best out of your social media with posting quality content and managing interactions.

Create and manage your community not only through social media but also through private groups in Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, etc. 

Tapping influencers is also a trendy way to help your business grow. Allow us help you find the right people to best represent your brand to help you on your campaigns.

We help you gain visibility by being present and active on all the social platforms that you want.


Some of the platforms we use



Be omnipresent.

Reach your customer at where they spend most time.

Track & understand the journey of your customer.

Right design, message, and timing.


We adapt your message in any language you need.


What is the best channel to use for my advertisement?

Your customer can be found everywhere. We suggest to use the most fitting platform for your objective, budget, location and products. These are the following platforms we work with for your advertisements: Facebook, Google Ads, Quora, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Beacons Technology, Taboola, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Twitch, QR code, Line, Telegram, Push Notification, Snapchat, and many more.

What is the minimum budget to run advertisements?

We recommend a minimum of $500 per month

What are the prices of your services?

Our prices vary based on the project and we do our best to adapt our tarif to the customer. From revenue sharing to monthly fees, we find the perfect win-win agreement. Request a free call and test here.

How long do contracts last?

Most of our contracts are without engagement and are on a monthly basis or project-based.

How soon can we start with the services?

Right away! Just fill out the form Here and receive a direct call from one of our account managers.

In which country is your office located?

Our offices are located in Hong Kong and the Mekong region. We offer credible and trusted expertise on the Asian market as we are operating worldwide with a number of customers and projects in Europe, America and Africa. With that said, we strongly believe that going digital should have no barriers. We are proud of our competent and culturally diverse team who can work in multiple languages.

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