Manage your Ad Accounts on Facebook Business Manager

Add/Remove/Create Ad Accounts in Business Manager

Now that you have set up your Facebook Business Manager, you can now create, add and remove Facebook Ad accounts according to your needs. This will allow you to run Facebook ads and require for you to have a Facebook Business page. You don’t need in that case to create an Ads Manager account as it is automatically created when you set up your page.

First things first, To access your Ads accounts 

  • Open Facebook Business Manager 

  • Go to Business Manager Settings and click Ad Accounts below People and assets

Now you may find below the different options you have with your Ad accounts

Create an Ad Account
  • If you don’t have an ad account you will notice a dropdown menu with written Add New Ad Accounts then if you want to create one click on Create a new ad account.​​​​

  • You can now type your Ad account name and choose the Time zone and Currency, the currency should be the same as your payment methods.

  • After this, add yourself as Ad account admin and the team members with the appropriate roles account

  • Now in order to activate your account, you can add a payment method by clicking on Payment Methods.                          This step is essential to successfully activate the campaign later.

It’s all set ! You should be able to see your brand new Facebook Ad account 🌟

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Add a Facebook Ad account
  • Start by clicking Settings on the navigation bar and then the Facebook Ads Account tab

  • Now click Add New Facebook Ad Accounts, you will normally see all the ad accounts associated with the Facebook user accounts you have on displayed on the page.

  • Beside the ad account, check the little box and click Add

⚠️ If you aren’t seeing the ad account you’re looking for, try to :

  1. Log out of all your Facebook accounts.

  2. Log out of your Ads account

Click Logout in the top-right corner and make sure to sign in with the Facebook business or personal account which has access to the specific ad account you wish to add.

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Remove an Ad Account


It is quite simple to remove an Ad Account, all you need to do is :

  1. As mentioned before, click Settings on the navigation bar and then the Facebook Ads Account tab

  2. Click Delete 🗑️ on the account you wish to delete

  3. It is important to notice that the ad account associated and the data associated will be removed from the account, however it won’t remove any data from Facebook which means that your campaign/custom audiences will remain available in Facebook Ads Manager.

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