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7 Golden Rules to Follow to Create the Perfect Post on Social Media


        Nowadays, all social media platforms are overwhelmed with content, and it can be a challenge to stand out in this environment. Every social media platform is different and has its own best practices and procedures, it needs to be taken in account before posting.


      Once you have taken the time to decide your content or choose what to share, you now need to present it in the smartest possible way. We have combined here a few rules to help you ensure a high performance and an added value in your post on social media.

1. Post a Photo

      Photos received more likes, shares, and comments than text or links. The reason for this is that people don’t like to read text posts on social networks. Plus, photos help your message go viral.

      If you are creating a design for your social media updates, always try to place your image within space. It makes your design more beautiful, readable, and more engaging. Be creative!

2. Use High-Quality Stock Photos

      Your graphics quality represents your brand so never use low-quality photographs. Don’t just go to Google image search and use readily available materials from there because the copyright belongs to someone else.

There are plenty of websites that offer high-quality photos for free like:


3. Be inspired from the Internet

      Do you want to learn the latest visual trends? Do you want to find which type of content is getting more engagement? Pinterest can be your best friend! You can find a lot of inspiration for your posts like infographics, photography, videos, and many more.


4. Use Hashtags

      Hashtags link posts from people around the world provide structure to an ecosystem that lacks them. Adding a hashtag to your publication means integrating it into a common area of interest. For example, if you do a search on hashtag #ecommerce on Twitter, you will find all the publications related to our field of activity. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ support hashtags. 

Just make sure to follow these basic rules:

  • Use only letters or numbers (no punctuation marks or special characters, such as!, $ Or%)

  • Favor the hashtags in the body of the message or at the end of your post

  • Use a maximum of 4 to 5 hashtags to avoid the spam hashtag (knowing that engagement is now better with only one hashtag!)

  • Choose relevant hashtags related to your publication

  • Choose short, easy-to-remember hashtags

5. Know Your Audience

      You can optimize the relevance of your content by analyzing the characteristics of the people who follow you. The Facebook Statistics feature is a rich source of information. It will allow you to find out who your fans are, which is a great starting point to know your target and adapt your content. Also, analyze the best performing posts to identify which ones work best for your community.

6. Choose the right length of the post 

      A Facebook post is limited to 63,206 characters. This is probably why several studies have shown that publications of 80 characters or less receive an engagement on average 66% higher.

A study by the national public radio (NPR) highlighted that texts that contain less than 120 characters had a higher click-through rate than long messages (280 characters and more). Nevertheless, don't be afraid to experiment with the length of your posts to see what works best for your goals.


7. Use catchy titles

      Your post should have an awesome title so that it will make people want to click on it. Besides, you can bracket your title to get the title “catchier”.
Here are according to studies the titles which arouse a lot of interest among  consumers:

  • How to ... That Drives ...

  • How to ... in [#] Easy Steps

  • How to Find ...

  • How to Completely Change ...

  • How to Make A Strong ...

  • How to Use ... to Stand Out

      With all that, you need to take time to tailor fit your posts on social media in order to adapt them to the platform but also to your audience. These rules will without a doubt help you stand out on social media but also improve its quality.We have other articles that help you get the most value from social media, feel free to check them to sharpen your understanding of social media platforms.