Use & Master Facebook Business Manager

Use & Master Facebook Business Manager

Facebook currently dominates our attention with 1 out of every 5 minutes of the use of a mobile device in the U.S.A is spent on Facebook or Instagram, so when they launched their advertising platform, it was obvious it was going to be a game changer in this area.


Facebook Manager allows you to manage all of your Facebook marketing and advertising activities, It also helps you control multiple user's access to additional resources.

With this tool you can:

  • Create, manage multiple assets 

  • Control the access of different users and their permissions

  • Track your ads on the platform

  • Add a marketing partner, an agency, a contractor, a co-worker to help you manage your business

  • Build custom audiences for your campaigns

  • See spend thresholds and Manage billing details 


If you are curious and want help to use Facebook Business Manager, let's get you set up.🔍

How to set up Facebook Business Manager ?

1. Create a Facebook Business Manager account

  • Enter the requested information then click Next 

  • Enter the business details, then click Submit

  • Confirm your company’s e-mail

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2. Add your Facebook pages

In this context, you can add an existing Facebook business page or create a new one. If you manage Facebook pages for other businesses or even clients, you also have the possibility to request access to someone else’s page.


To add your Facebook page to Facebook Business Manager:

  •  From the Business Manager dashboard, you can now click Add Page.Then, in the pop-up box, click on Add Page again

  • Start typing the name of your Facebook business page in the text box. Then click Add Page.

  •  If you have more than one Facebook page associated with your business, you can now Add the remaining pages by following the same steps.

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3. Add your Facebook ad account

It is important to notice that once you add your ad account to Facebook Business Manager, you can’t remove it. To access a client account, click Request Access instead.

  • From the business manager dashboard, click Add people

  • In the pop-up box, enter the contact details of the person you want to add.

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​It is possible to decide the limitation of access to those individuals with employee access or admin access. You can click Next after.​

  • You can now on Pages choose which pages you want this person to access. You can customize its access with the different options

  • You can go back to the left menu and click on Ad Accounts to customize the user's access, then click Invite. In the left menu, you can see the options to add people to catalogs and app.

  • To add more members, click Add more people. After this, each individual need to accept the invitation to belong to your Facebook Business Manager Team.

  • You can see all of your pending requests from your Dashboard, and withdraw them at any time for people who have not responded.

 5. Connect your business partners/ad agency

  • From your Business Manager dashboard, click Business Settings at the top right

  • In the left menu, click Partners. Under Partner to share assets with, click add

  • The partner must have an existing Business Manager ID.

  • They can find it in their own Business Manager under Business Settings>Business Info. Enter the ID and click Add.

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 6. Add your Instagram account

  • From your Business Manager dashboard, click Business Settings at the top right

  • In the left column, click Instagram Accounts, then Add


7. Set up Facebook Pixels

A Facebook Pixel represents a small bit of code that Facebook generates for you. Indeed, When this code is placed on your website, it gives you access to information which will allow you to track conversions, optimize facebook ads, build targeted audiences for your ads and remarket to leads.


We recommend setting up your Facebook pixel immediately, even if for the moment you’re not ready to start your first ad campaign, because the information it will provides will be valuable when you will be ready to start advertising campaigns


Now, you can set up your pixel from within Facebook Business Manager :

  • Click Business Settings from your Business Manager dashboard

  • In the left column, you can expand the data Source menu and click Pixels, after this click Add

  • Enter a name for your pixel. At this point you can enter your website so Facebook can provide the best recommendations in order for you to set up your pixel, then click Continue, then Set up the pixel now

  • The maximum you can create is 10 pixels with your business

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8. Improve security on your account

  • Click Business Settings from the business manager dashboard,

  • In the left menu, click Security Center

  • Set up two-factor authentication. Set it as Required for everyone offers the highest security

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Your Facebook Business Manager is now all set 🚀

Create your campaign in Facebook Business Manager 

It is time now to launch your first Facebook ad.

Place your first ad

Here are the steps to take to get an ad up and running in Business Manager :

  • Click Business Manager on the top left from your Business Manager dashboard

  • Under the advertise tab, click Ads Manager, then click Create

  • Choose your campaign objective, target audience, budget and schedule

  • Choose your specific ad types and placement


How to organize Facebook Business Manager with business asset groups ?

With your number of assets growing, it can be difficult to keep track. Business groups help keep and manage pages, ad accounts and team members organized and clear for you.

Create your business asset group :

  • From the Business Manager dashboard, click Business Settings

  • From the left menu, under Accounts, click Business Assets group, then create Business Assets Group

  • Choose to organize your assets based on brand, region, agency or another category, then Confirm

  • Name your business asset group and click Next 

  • Choose the assets to add, it can be pages/ad accounts/pixels/Instagram Accounts/ Offline Events/ Catalogs/ Apps/ Custom Conversions, then click Next  

  • Choose the people to add to this asset group, you can also control their access, then click Create

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Now it's all set ! 🚀

A final word

We can without a doubt state that Business Manager solves a lot of companies concern with user access and permissions. Indeed, they have managed to center everything in one central location for the company admin.

Even if this tool can take some time to learn every aspect, the benefits outweigh the difficulties encountered, specifically for companies that have lots of moving parts and just need one central place to manage their Facebook operations.

Advertising on Facebook empowers you to take a once complicated process into your own hands. With this tool, you are already closer to capturing the attention of your target audience.