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Generate automotive-qualified leads through Facebook campaigns and chatbots.

T H E   S U C C E S S   S T O R Y

Since 2019, The Method has been supporting Zung Fu Group with their digital strategy and advertisement campaigns on a monthly basis with a focus on generating quality leads.


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T H E I R   S T O R Y

Providing first-class car ownership

As a member of Jardine International Motors under Jardine Matheson Group, Zung Fu is the exclusive retailer of Mercedes-Benz in Hong Kong and Macau, expanding the operation of retail stores and service centres into Southern and Western China


 Zung Fu Hong Kong also represents smart and Hyundai passenger cars, as well as Foton and Hyundai commercial vehicles in Hong Kong.


T H E   G O A L

Generate quality sales lead

Zung Fu aimed to generate high-quality leads while increasing their brand equity. Zung Fu wanted to achieve this goal by providing relevant information with a quality user experience.

O U R   S O L U T I O N

Generate quality leads from Facebook ads with intelligent chatbots

The Method wanted to provide useful information to everyone but also funnel serious buyers to generate sale leads. We also wanted the experience to be with the less friction possible thereby without leaving Facebook and with as fewer steps as possible.


The chatbot format is ideal as we provide information and qualified people more efficiently than with a simple form. Furthermore, the content is easily updatable based on the campaigns, offers and model available.


We specifically took care of the customer journey of the users. We wanted to avoid the rather common useless agent chatbot. Thereby we create individual chatbots for each model that were each associate to specific advertisement campaigns. Each chatbots was mentioning only the most relevant information and took around 3 to 4 steps and less than one minute to be complete.


T H E   P R O C E S S






After clicking on the ads, a car image with a welcome message greets the user. English and Chinese language options are available.

Users will then receive images with information and have the choice to check the current offer to get more details or to book a test drive.


All the information are extracted live from a personalized dashboard and Excel document that the sales team can access. Information such as customer name, Facebook I.D., phone number, car model the customer is interested in, showroom location, etc.


People who interacted with the chatbots but didn't request any test drive will receive personalized automated messages to offer them a call or ask them if they needed more information. Once the conversation starts with potential customers on Messenger, The Method is able to segment audiences, retarget them and improve the customer journey based on the interaction.

T H E I R   S U C C E S S

Leading the journey

By creating targeted advertisement and implementing chatbots, The Method was able to provide qualified leads and quality experience to the Zung Fu Hong Kong & Macau potential customers

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